About us

We are parents coming from a long experience of working with children, with a passion for digital toys. Our goals are to develop interactive apps which are playful and fun for children. We take the trust that parents are giving us very seriously and we are dedicated to make a safe digital world for children.

From parents to parents, it is also important for us that the parents feel safe and secure with our apps, thus our app are safe for kids all around the world. At the same time we are keen to stress all aspect of a children's development through stimulation of their imagination, creativity, learning and having fun.

We love to play outside and believe that children gain from having various environments where they can explore the magic of life. ShemShem apps add to this lifestyle through an additional environment for exploring, playing and learning.

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Shemshem Winter Fun

Play with snowballs and ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and sledding in our beautiful winter landscape with our cute snowmen and our kind animal friends from the big animal kingdom.